Personal Injury; Civil Rights:  Jennifer diligently represents parties
injured in automobile accidents, slip and fall cases or other such
matters.  No case is too small; every justifiable claim will be
pursued.  Jennifer has also carved a specialty niche in §1983 civil
rights actions, generally focusing on police misconduct.  

Estate Planning, Real Estate:  Jennifer has long provided clients
with wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other such documents.  
She is experienced in estate disputes, mental hygiene proceedings,
and guardianship petitions.  Jennifer can prepare real estate
contracts, deeds, assignments and releases.  She has  represented
both sides in litigation cases involving real estate transactions,
failed inspections or fraudulent land and business transfers.

Commercial & Business Practice:  Whether starting a company,
drafting a contract or seeking dispute resolution, Jennifer offers
extensive services for business and commercial clients. She has
represented coal companies, radio stations, large banks and small
local establishments.  She has experience in bankruptcy matters,
state purchasing procedures and health care policy issues.  Jennifer
has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in contract disputes,
product liability cases and mass tort litigation.

Administrative Law:  Jennifer serves as a Hearing Examiner for
various state agencies.  She has also practiced extensively before the
Health Care Authority and other state entities, representing
individuals and businesses.

Mediation:  As a certified mediator recognized by the West Virginia
Supreme Court, Jennifer offers fair, impartial mediation services at
reasonable rates.

Ombudsman Attorney:  In her spare time, Jennifer serves as the
Ombudsman Attorney for the West Virginia Long Term Care
Ombudsman, providing legal services to all residents in nursing
homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities.  
As such, she has developed a specialty in recognizing financial
exploitation and assisting residents in the recovery of assets.
Jennifer has represented the big guys, the little guys and folks in between.  
Whether establishing a business, drafting wills and deeds or diligently
pursing a personal injury or civil rights action, client satisfaction and
honest representation has always been her primary goal.
"When experience and integrity matter."
Specialties & Experience
Jennifer N. Taylor
Attorney at Law
Civil Rights Act

"Every person who,
under color of any
statute, ordinance,
regulation, custom, or
usage, of any State or
Territory or the
District of Columbia,
subjects, or causes to
be subjected, any
citizen of the United
States or other person
within the jurisdiction
thereof to the
deprivation of any
rights, privileges, or
immunities secured by
the Constitution and
laws, shall be liable to
the party injured in an
action at law, suit in
equity, or other proper
proceeding for

42 U.S.C. §1983